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Pimp your bathroom! 9 tips for a bathroom upgrade

We all know this: bathrooms, especially in rental apartments, are often just one thing: functional.

Pimp your bathroom! Plant, wood, beautiful accessories

But you start the day in the bathroom 🪒🚿 and need a place to feel good 🧘🏻‍♂️.

The good news: in just a few simple steps, even a bathroom that is tiled to the ceiling can be transformed into a wellness oasis.

You (woman!) take... pimp up your bathroom with the following materials and accessories :

Detail: beautiful accessories in the bathroom of the rental apartment

  • Wood  (such as a beautiful stool - and, for example, a bamboo "rug" like in this guest bathroom)

  • Textiles  (get rid of the old scratchy shower towels and invest in nice towels - think about the color concept you want. A nice, matching bathroom carpet is a must!)

  • Plant!  (of course real plants for the daylight bathroom... otherwise you can cheat with artificial green)

  • Beautiful bathroom accessories : soap dispensers, toothbrush cups and... yes... trash cans!

  • Nice laundry basket

  • Candles  (if you don't have a bathtub for a bubble bath: showering in candlelight is also nice!)

  • Pictures!  (as in this project, you can even decorate a mosaic tile wall with your favorite picture in the frame. Simply hang it up with a self-adhesive hook! Also ideal for rented apartments.)

  • Favorite pieces  (e.g. a stone that reminds you of your last vacation, a beautiful silver cup from your grandma in which you now store cotton swabs, etc.).

  • fine scents ! Oh yes... be it fine soaps, scented candles or diffusers... fine scents make you dream. Beam me up, Scotty!

Elegant guest toilet thanks to a picture, vase/flowers and bamboo carpet

And now? Enjoy your personal SPA every day !

Location: Rental apartment, Niederdorf, Zurich, Switzerland

Interior design of the entire apartment: Localia. Interiors.

Photo: Tanja Zogg

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