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Interior design for developers and real estate buyers

Dream homes begin when you move in – not after years

Isn't it said that you have to build at least twice to live the way you dreamed of? The path from the idea to moving in is tiring for many builders and property buyers. We abbreviate: professional, individual and often surprisingly simple solutions. 


With this service we bring real estate developers and sellers on board:

Sell your property with our all-inclusive offer as a complete package and save inexperienced buyers (builders) from being overwhelmed from the outset during the planning and construction phase.

1 | Challenge for builders

The planning and construction phase is an emotional journey that many builders find stressful. We have found that this process is usually characterized by stress, exhaustion and uncertainty.


The numerous decisions that have to be made on time and the overwhelming selection of materials, colors and options can overwhelm inexperienced builders and make them feel left alone.

After moving in, this often leads to years of makeshift arrangements with compromises and existing furniture that doesn't fit. Only when the budget and energy are sufficient again does the restart begin to live in the home that you had dreamed of from the beginning.