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Partner: Meet Milola vs. "Milola Meets" Christine

Milola is a family business on Lake Geneva with beautiful furniture and great service! And Milola represents some of my favourite furniture companies.

Charlotte & Pete Hazelwood, the owners of Milola, met me for an interview:

"Milola Meets: Christine Schumacher from Localia Interiors". I'd love to tell you more about it here:

"Today we sat down with Christine Schumacher from Localia Interiors. Read on to find out more about Christine, her interior design style, inspiration, passions and more...

Christine Schumacher, Gründerin & Interior Designer bei Localia Interiors, Photo credit: Kati Photography Zürich

Grüezi, I’m Christine and I am what you could call an Interior Alchemist. My mission is to empower more people to understand the profound impact a thoughtfully curated interior can have on their overall well-being.

"Make your home a love letter to yourself!"

Christine Schumacher

Tell us about your background in Interior Design and what motivated you to set up your agency...

Having spent almost 20 years in the furniture industry, I made a pivotal decision to leave the corporate world due to health reasons. Fueled by a desire to follow what made my heart race at 300 km an hour, I dedicated my time to acquiring training and enhancing my skills in interior design. In 2017, I founded Localia. Interiors, a boutique Interior Design studio based in the Swiss German speaking part of Switzerland aimed at supporting female professionals and house buyers in transforming their homes into love letters to themselves.


We work from Chur / Grisons to Basel and from Lake of Constance to Lake of Geneva.


Projekt Hoch3 - photo credit by Haute'Xposure - interior concept by Localia Interiors

Your Strahlige is “Your Home Should Be A Love Letter To Yourself!»Talk us through what this means...

In essence, it's about curating a space filled with elements you love (!), that evoke happiness, comfort, and a feeling of belonging. Ultimately, your home becomes a sanctuary where you can flourish and embrace your true self. It's crucial to have a place where we can return after a long day—a sanctuary that rejuvenates and reaffirms our well-being.

Projekt Malans - Photo Credit by Haute'Xposure, Interior Concept by Localia Interiors

What's your Interior Designer Philosophy?

I craft bespoke interior styling narratives that tell the story of my clients.

My interior design philosophy revolves around the belief that clients should surround themselves only with things they love. Rather than conforming spaces to fit us, spaces should reflect us.

Would you say you have a particular style you favor in interior design?

For me, there's essentially only one style: the client's style! I enjoy a mix of styles and don't typically follow fleeting trends. I also love blending old with new, modern with traditional. It brings life and structure to the interior.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Projekt Malans - Photo Credit by Haute'Xposure, Interior Concept by Localia. Interiors

I find inspiration from a variety of sources, including both large and small design fairs—I'm currently enamored with "3 Days of Design" in Copenhagen. I also draw inspiration from Swiss and international interior magazines, as well as platforms like Pinterest and social media. Exploring small design brands is a passion of mine, as it allows me to introduce unique furniture and accessories to my clients that aren't commonly found on the high street. Furthermore, I take inspiration from the lives of my clients, often inquiring about their favorite vacation spots and cherished pieces of furniture that have been with them for years.

Do you have a stand-out project you've worked on?

Last year, I had the opportunity to undertake a complete remodeling project for an entire apartment following serious water damage experienced by the client. She made the bold decision to overhaul most of the furniture, design a new kitchen, and even convert a large master bathroom, complete with a yellow jacuzzi, into a tranquil guest bedroom. Additionally, we crafted a new, smaller en suite bathroom adorned with a captivating wallpaper depicting underwater life.

Projekt Malans - Photo credit by Haute'Xposure, Interior Concept by Localia Interiors


What made this project stand out was the client's courage in decision-making and willingness to embrace bold choices. We incorporated vibrant wall colors and playful wallpapers in some of the bedrooms and bathrooms, while opting for more serene tones in the open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area. I find myself enamored with many aspects of this apartment.

Projekt Malans - Photo Credit by Haute'Xposure, Interior Concept by Localia Interiors

Moreover, the most rewarding aspect was how the client relationship blossomed into a genuine friendship. It's worth noting that undergoing such extensive remodeling while already residing in the home was no easy feat for the client. She gracefully referred to this period of her life as "Krisenglück," or "crisis happiness," finding solace in the midst of the upheaval.

Projekt Malans - Photo Credit by Haute'Xposure, Interior Concept by Localia Interiors

If you could give one piece of advice to someone about to renovate/redecorate their home, what would it be?

Just one piece of advice? ... Haha!


Don't underestimate the magnitude of a renovation project—it can be exhausting and overwhelming due to the myriad choices involved. If you're unsure about managing it all, consider seeking support from an interior designer. You may not need a comprehensive interior concept; perhaps just having a designer assist you in selecting materials, colours (such as tiles, kitchen finishes, and surfaces), and offering layout suggestions tailored to your needs could be invaluable. It's crucial to involve them early in the project, ideally during the planning phase.


Also, when it comes to hiring contractors or decorators, avoid simply opting for the cheapest option. Seek recommendations from your network and, of course, from your personal interior designer if you have one.


Remember, if your budget is tight, it's wiser to hold off on cheaper products that could lead to higher costs later. It's better to wait and invest in quality, even if it means delaying certain aspects of your remodelling plans, such as acquiring those dream bathroom tiles in a later phase.


Oh, I could go on with more advice!

What's your favorite piece of furniture we offer at MILOLA and why?

I absolutely adore the Velvet Sideboards by Kristensen. The quality is exceptional, and I particularly appreciate the rounded edges and hidden doors—perfect for discreetly storing items like a home bar (ideal for keeping it away from curious teenagers!). Plus, the sideboards come in a variety of wood hues, ensuring a perfect match for any home.

Want to sit with Christine to discuss your plans?


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