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When is the right time to hire an interior designer?

Tips for builders and property buyers

photo credit @Haute'Xposure, Interior Concept by Localia. Interiors

photo credit @Haute'Xposure for Localia Interiors

The construction phase becomes a stress test for many inexperienced builders: the great but overwhelming selection of surfaces, materials, colors and options for interior design are overwhelming and many feel left alone by the property developer/real estate marketer.

So when should you think about hiring an interior design consultant? 

Ideally as early as possible!

Some people may think it's too early to hire an interior designer, but the opposite is true! Each stage of interior design is closely related to what was done during the construction or completion of the living space.

photo credit @Kati Photography for Localia. Interiors

When you build your house from the ground up

There are two important moments in building a home when you should consider involving an interior designer. 

The first is when you hire an architect and the other is before you deal with the plumbing and before the concrete is poured on the floor.

If an interior designer comes into the project early, ideally alongside the architect, there could be less frustration and the need to correct some things later. An interior designer might suggest moving the wall, door and window by 20cm to better fit the room layout and planned furnishings. Before the plumbing is laid and the floor is concreted, there are many ways to correct certain problems that could cause headaches later. If you hire an interior designer at this stage, you will save time, money and – let’s be honest – nerves.

Before you buy a property

That's right - you could benefit from consulting an expert even before you buy a property. This allows you to share your dreams and wishes for the room and, based on the designer's professional discretion, find out whether it is actually possible to implement all of your dream ideas in a particular room.

By the way, it is also worth bringing in building surveyors as additional experts!

This will save you a lot of trouble, time and money.

During the planning phase of a condominium

A planning office that doesn't know you has designed the floor plan for your home.

It's worth thinking again about whether it really suits the way you want to live. A lot of the layout can be changed at an early stage.


For a condominium there is usually a pre-selection of materials and colors (tiles, kitchen fronts, bathroom fittings, parquet, etc.). This often causes overwhelm and uncertainty and buyers feel left alone.

Have an independent interior designer accompany you to these selection appointments. This can show you whether, for example, a more expensive alternative is worthwhile or how you can make the standard solution look special with a few tricks.

From experience, the expert can also communicate well with trades, general contractors and property buyers on an equal footing. Another advantage for you.

"We shouldn't adapt to the rooms, but the rooms should adapt to us!"

says Christine Schumacher from  Localia. Interiors

If you have already created a furnishing and color concept for your new home, an interior designer can support you with their expertise and a fresh perspective in making the final decision. You can often book interior designers with a day or half-day package for such “selection days”. It's best to just ask.

photo credit @Haute'Xposure for Localia. Interiors

My pro tip for you:

I would encourage prospective homebuyers to consider hiring an interior designer as early as possible. Before work can begin, you need to get to know each other, the interior designer needs to find out your preferences, create a concept and plan the tasks. Ordering early saves time and money and prevents a lot of unnecessary changes.

By the way, it is also worth bringing in an independent building surveyor or construction supervisor as an additional independent expert for a building project!


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