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Localia. Interiors.
More than a design studio.  

Feeling comfortable at home is incredibly important for one's own well-being! That's why I help you create a living environment that reflects your personality and your individual wishes. To do this, I thoroughly explore what you need and like (and what you don't!), and then create your bespoke home for you.

Hi, I’m Christine and I am what you could call an Interior Alchemist. My mission is to empower more people to understand the profound impact a thoughtfully curated interior can have on their overall well-being.

Boutique Interior Design
Hand-picked interior design consultation for busy people

Your home should be a love letter to yourself!

Many reasons - one wish

  • Are you moving and don't know how to furnish the new apartment and whether all the furniture will fit?

  • Do you love your new, modern apartment, but it just doesn't feel right yet?

  • Don't you know where to start and aren't looking forward to the planned move (yet)?

  • Are you tired of living in the “provisional” any longer?

  • Do you have no idea how and whether you can redesign your apartment?

  • Have you bought a condominium off the plan and now feel left alone and overwhelmed by the unlimited choice of materials, surfaces, colors and are not sure whether the floor plan needs to be optimized?

  • No time (or desire) to spend precious weekends in furniture stores?

  • Are you an “empty nester” and would you like to finally transform your former children's room into your studio/reading room?

«Tell me about your exciting project! YOU are my inspiration. You, your life, your favorite pieces of furniture with history, your living space.» 

As your personal interior designer, I combine the old with the new, the valuable with design classics and the beautiful with comfort. The result is a feel-good apartment with a unique interior, full of atmosphere, life and structure. Living surrounded by things you really love is the only style that never goes out of fashion. 


Treat yourself to a hand-picked, individual interior design consultation with Localia. Interiors: a concept for every living situation!