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If your guest room looks too much like a (home) office... 5 tips for a successful balance

Part 1:

5 simple tips for a good balance in your guest room / home office (or if the home office has to share space with other areas)

Home office is on everyone’s lips and more relevant than ever. I'll show you what you should consider in order to set up your personal office at home in a functional but also beautiful way.

  1. Don't lose sight of functionality   (this applies to the home office area but also  as in this example to the guest room area)

  2. Pay attention to ergonomics (good office chair - possibly height-adjustable desk). If you need support let me know! I work with an office furniture retailer on this matter and can get you great office furniture.

  3. Zones  create! With wall paints, carpets, furniture, room dividers (e.g. a large plant can also be a room divider)

  4. Coziness  bring a (scented) candle, house plant, pictures/art, mirror, carpet, textiles to the home office

  5. Provide enough storage space  . This also applies to both areas (work and e.g. guest area)

And if “setting up” is not your expertise: concentrate on your area of expertise and let the interior design expert design your home office.


Part 2:

Transforming a rather boring and very functional guest room/home office.

A localia project diary. Interiors.

The briefing - customer request

My customers stated in the Localia design questionnaire that they wanted the existing guest room / home office to have more atmosphere and for it to be less functional and more multifunctional . It should radiate a casual, relaxed feeling.

The idea

3D floor plan of the first draft - concept: Localia.

As always, I try to continue to integrate existing furniture in my designs  if possible (like here: white sideboard, guest (pull-out) bed, desk. The customer's wishes have absolute priority whenever possible.

In this project it was clear: the guest area and the home office area should be divided into zones  . With the help of colors and furniture/carpets.

Visualization / Moodboard “Work” area

Visualization / Moodboard:  Work area with dramatic blue and black walls (color by Farrow & Ball), fluffy modern Beni Ourain carpet, floor lamp, chair / armchair, sideboard - to add coziness _11100000-0000 -0000-0000-000000000111_to underline and at the workplace (shortly black wall and window) wall shelves and wall light.

Visualization / Moodboard area “Guests / Living”

Visualization / Moodboard: "Guests / Living" area with existing, white sideboard... The "mist green" mobile sideboard on wheels, which you come across when entering the room, creates a protected space for the guest bed behind it.

Visualization / Moodboard “Guests” area

Visualization / Moodboard: "Guests" area opposite the blue wall with the guest bed, which stands between the window and behind the "mist-green" mobile sideboard on wheels  (here standing somewhat at an angle in the room... actually it is placed away from the wall into the room ... opposite the room door). Wall lamp, pictures, storage space  and storage space  in the sideboard & a beautiful wardrobe should offer every comfort .

The implementation

The first draft was a hit! The customers adopted the daring (but harmonious) color scheme and furnishings 1:1 ! Hurray!

The implementation  of the design is carried out by the customer personally  (and I can hardly wait until I get the final photos! It still seems that the art is for the walls still missing.

Customer feedback

The joy is enormous when you not only like the design but the room also works ! The joy is even greater when, after a while, an email from the customer says:

The study is already one of my absolute favorite rooms, even though most of the wall decoration is still missing. It's just cozy (especially with the fluffy carpet).
Thank you for your great work. It was a pleasure designing the rooms with you. As soon as the art is hanging, you will get photos.

I can't wait to see the finished room!

Support from Localia. Interiors.

Is your home office not quite harmonious yet and do you need support from an interior design expert?

Tell me more: .

Interior design expert Christine from Localia. Interiors,


Christine Schumacher, interior designer

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