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Do I have to own a villa to hire an interior expert?

Updated: Feb 21

“This is where I come in...”

Are you ready to get help with your personal interior design?

photo credit by Haute'Xposure for Localia Interiors

I would like more people to learn how personal and holistic interior design has a positive effect on their own well-being.

Interior design is not about following the designer's ideas, but about helping people transform their homes so that they can love them more and live in them more comfortably.

Your time savings

Believe it or not, not everyone enjoys decorating and redesigning the spaces in their home.

I know!? Isn't that strange?

People work full time. Free time on evenings and weekends is rare and valuable. How on earth are they going to refurnish an apartment on top of that?

This is where I come in...

Imagine not having to spend all weekends in furniture stores or spend hours searching the internet for the right products and ideas! How wonderful!

Fresh perspective

Have you ever noticed that when you placed a new rug or pillows in a room, that was the first thing you noticed when you entered the room?

It takes some time to get used to the new achievements, and then you just stop noticing it all together. Well, for most of us, this applies to our entire home. We no longer see our homes. For us everything became “normal” and okay and then suddenly it wasn’t anymore. You can't see it anymore... literally!

And this is where I come in...

It's so important to get a new perspective from a virtual "stranger":

A fresh pair of shiny eyes that can see beyond the now and focus on the "potential."

12 reasons why you should hire an interior professional  read here  

Are you not sure whether your ideas are realistic or are you not sure what you actually want?

I'm sure you actually know what you want (What you like! And what you don't like!) . You definitely know it! But maybe you'd rather stay in your comfort zone?

This is where I come in...

I don't create a design that I just want to implement in your house to fulfill myself. Instead, I work directly with you .

YOU are my inspiration.

You, your life, your possessions, your living space.

I am a "body language scanner", "tone checker" and above all your  partner. I'm here to encourage you and push you a little more than you might have imagined. Not in terms of budget, but in terms of design. We will get your apartment exactly the way you wanted it. Only better!

Do you have anymore questions? Are you not sure how an interior designer can help you with your interior planning? Read here  more information about working with an interior design professional.

Tell me about your exciting project! I would be happy to advise you!


Yours, Christine Schumacher

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