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12 reasons why you should hire an interior professional

Customer reference Localia. Interiors.: Parents' house made fit for a young family - dining room

As an interior design expert  it always gives me great pleasure  to work with my customers, _11100000-0000-0000-0000-0 00000000111_to express their personality and style through the decor of their home or Bringing offices to life. The basis for this is trust . You can read here that you don't have to own a villa to hire an interior designer.

In my experience as an interior designer, I have noticed a few reasons why people hesitate to hire an interior design professional:

  • They have never worked with a designer before and therefore have no experience with the intricacies of the design process.

  • They are worried that the project will take too long.

  • They are afraid of paying too much for a designer's assistance.

  • You're concerned about giving up creative control.

  • They fear that they won't like the result and that it won't suit them.

And honestly, all of these insecurities are understandable.

Save yourself a lot of stress and your precious time!

That's why I have  Localia. Interiors.  built with a philosophy that you can trust  because...

1. Localia. Interiors works with you . If you have a vision or an idea of what you want , we will simply help you bring it to life. If you are still unsure and can't really imagine the whole thing, we will of course also support you (our visualizations are very helpful for this!). You are there throughout the entire design process. You are the boss!

2. Your interior professional will take care of your project. And that saves you a lot of stress  and precious time!

3. An interior design coach has many years of experience  and can, among other things, save you from making expensive wrong decisions and, thanks to   , comes up with ideas and solutions that you can come up with thanks to a fresh perspective might never have come at all.

4. Interior designers  know where to get something and have helpful dealer contacts.  Without their help, you might rush from A to Z and end up simply overwhelmed by the abundance of what's on offer.

5. The designer can mediate between couples when they disagree about certain design decisions. It helps to find compromises that make everyone happy .

6. The designer keeps an eye on the budget  and knows as a professional which costs can be reduced and where it is better not to save money.

Customer reference: Bedroom rental apartment Zurich

7. Experts are problem solvers .

Customer reference: Bedroom rental apartment Zurich

8. If you have no idea where to start, we'll walk you through our process step by step . We'll show you how we come up with different combinations of colors and furnishings that we recommend ...we'll explain why certain things go well together and others don't.

9. All at a price that's probably not the "cheapest deal" out there but is fair for the value you get .

10. You have the option to complete an entire room, a group of rooms, or an entire house in one go. Or you can divide your project into several phases  and, for example, tackle one room after the other.

11. Of course, it is our great wish that you feel at home, safe and simply comfortable in your rooms after the redesign! We make sure you get exactly what you want!  That 's what I , Christine Schumacher, owner and main interior designer, stand for with my name . Your satisfaction guarantee !

12. The cost of our service includes an hourly fee or a package price for the design and is always linked to a furnishing budget . Call us today and tell  about your exciting project!


Your Christine Schumacher - interior design coach and your ally when it comes to your home

Localia. Interiors.

YOU are my inspiration.
You, your life, your favorite pieces and your rooms.

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