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When an Interior Photographer tells the story about your project ... it's a blast!

Updated: Feb 19

I had the great pleasure of having interior photographer Angharad Elliott with her Haute'Xposure photograph one of my recent projects Downtown Zurich. I've loved Angharad's work for a while now but what it means when an interior photographer sees your project, cherished for months, with her trained eyes and captures exactly who lives here and tells the story exactly as you already wanted to tell the story of the client with the interior concept..... then it is.... wohooooo! Strike!

Please read Angharad's blogpost about my project by clicking on the below picture.

The photoshoot day

I was soooo nervous before the photo shoot. I met my client at his apartment early in the morning, right before he had to leave for work. And I know what that meant to him, leaving his beloved new home to two "strangers" not exactly knowing what happens during the day. I promised to put everything back the way he had left it and that I would be happy to keep him updated with photos during the day. This very great trust I appreciate very much. It is priceless and I'm more than grateful!

I loved this exciting, exhausting, fun, fabulous day with Angharad.

The photos I sent to my client during the day stunned him (and they were just taken with my smartphone). "I can't believe this is my home!" ... "This! I want to keep it just the way you decorated it!" ...

My client wanted an apartment to entertain but also to relax. It turned into a chill urban apartment.

Living room - photo credit by Haute'Xposure

After a project

I always miss my clients after we worked together so closely to get the home for them, that reflects their personality and full fills their wishes. So I'm very glad that often I stay in touch with former clients. And ... I already was invited to 2 (two!) house warming parties in this vibrant apartment in Zurich.

But there are still the photos ... they pop up from time to time, are used on the website, on social media posts and when you see that the interior photographer writes a newsletter about your project you get more than excited again! And... I can't wait for our next adventure with you, Angharad Elliott! Pssssst.... it's already in the making!

decorated Bar trolley - Photo credit by Haute'Xposure

 If you'd like to know more about Haute'Xposure:

view to dining area and stairs - Photo credit by Haute'Xposure

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