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Press: January 15, 2024 - Tagesanzeiger, edition “Fokus: Bau & Immobilien”

Dream homes begin when you move in - not years later.

Interior design for home buyers & real estate developers

More about our new service "Interior Design for new Home Owners" (Link to service) in the press:

You can find the article here (we're on page 15): Link

Isn't it said that you have to build at least twice to live the way you dreamed of? The path from the idea to moving in is tiring for many new home buyers. Localia Interiors, the boutique interior design studio, abbreviates it: professional, individual and often with surprisingly simple solutions.

The construction phase is an emotional journey that many home buyers find stressful. The Swiss-wide interior design experts at Localia Interiors from Sarganserland have found that this process is usually characterized by stress, exhaustion and uncertainty. The numerous decisions that have to be made on time by the new owners and the overwhelming selection of materials, colors and options can overwhelm builders and make them feel left alone. After moving in, this often leads to years of makeshift arrangements with compromises and existing furniture that doesn't fit and feel good in the new rooms. Only when the budget and energy are sufficient again does the restart begin to live in the home that you had dreamed of from the beginning.

Love letter to the residents


Such disappointments are prevented by Localia Interiors' new service for developers, home owners and property buyers, which arose from the professional experience of founder Christine Schumacher.

“We asked ourselves: why not already when they move into their new home?” says the trained interior designer. Because what is the value of building and marketing the property if, in the end, what counts first is the “inner life”, the design of the interior spaces.


This is where Localia Interiors comes in with its advice. “We want to make this path easier and make the new home a love letter to the residents,” says Schumacher, explaining her design credo. It is implemented by the furnishing specialist preparing a gentle path to home ownership. She acts as an independent sparring partner and accompanies customers as an experienced expert who supports their needs. She also helps as a contact person for the development of real estate and conducts discussions on an equal footing with the construction companies. That saves time and money. “Above all, customers feel noticed and in good hands,” says the boss of Localia Interiors.

Function and aesthetics


Specifically, the advice revolves around personal interior design for home and property buyers in order to make the holistic path to home ownership easier. This ensures that during the construction phase and afterwards, the property meets your personal expectations not only functionally but also aesthetically before the new home ends in a long-term temporary arrangement.


Every customer, every project is individual. This means that the builder or property buyer can get support exactly where they need it most.

Customers can expect the following services:

photo credit: Haute'Xposure

Professional advice during the construction phase: Support with decisions on room layout, material selection and Color design. If desired, the experts will accompany you to the kitchen studio, to the plumbing provider, floor installer and to the furniture store.


Free initial consultation for property buyers: This not only serves to clarify the ideas of the Understanding customers, but also enabling us to get to know each other. Trust is a crucial factor in personal interior design. That's why this free initial consultation lays the foundation for a trusting collaboration.


Innovative design suggestions: Development of creative and tailor-made living concepts (incl. Material and color selection and Furniture suggestions) to ensure that the property becomes a unique and personal retreat and reflects the personality of the residents. The interior designers support this process with visualizations.


Maintenance and redesign with your own furniture: With independent expertise it is shown how beloved pieces of furniture can be integrated into the new furnishings and presented in a new way so that the common

History continues to be written.

Emphasis on simplicity: Support for builders helps identify where a simple Standard solution can be just as impressive as expensive variants.

All of these services can be provided with variable service packages at favorable conditions can be ordered - «Peanuts» compared to construction costs and profit.

Localia Interiors not only offers added value for buyers, but above all wants to bring real estate developers and sellers on board. 

The partnership helps to differentiate yourself from the competition and to position yourself as a holistic provider that not only sells real estate, but also demonstrates empathy towards buyers. Because he is open to working with an experienced interior alchemist in order to be able to offer the property as a complete package .

 photo credit: Haute'Xposure

The designer listens, perhaps brings in unconventional ideas, a fresh perspective and accompanies the customer personally. It therefore covers everything that builders have no time for - and often hardly any experience.

Builders, property buyers as well as property developers and sellers can book the service now:


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