A really beautiful living environment needs breaks, furniture with history and imperfections. "Everything from a single source" usually has the charm of a shop window decoration...


It's so nice meeting you!

I’m Christine, an Interior Decorator with almost 20 years in the furniture industry.

I love creating dream homes for my customers and want them to experience how a personal and holistic interior has a great impact on their well being. Seeing their enthusiasm and joy in their newly designed rooms and spaces, office or whole houses, makes me inspired and profoundly happy!

Love tracking down special, sometimes odd living accessories and furniture, finding them at flea markets, at small and large design fairs (meeting the makers!), in unknown cities or even searching on the internet.

My interior designer philosophy is that good design and a beautiful tasteful home are not deprived of the so-called "upper ten thousand". On the contrary! Everyone deserves good design. In many cases a few simple steps or small changes are enough to make a room look completely different.

Also, I have to say that interior design is not as common in our side of the world as it is in the USA, for example. Many people mistakenly believe that the inclusion of interior design advice only causes costs. Instead, this service prevents you from making and saving your time and money with mispurchases.

And of course, I not only make home decor and design for my customers, I live on it too!

In my private apartment you can find Freddie Mercury (unfortunately only in a beautiful acrylic picture, not in person haha!) hanging next to a Guinness sign, a big old wooden table with different chairs around it, a console that looks like an ostrich... and actually a lot of other birds made of different materials.... A little irony and a wink at the furnishings can be like the salt in the soup. It reflects completely my personality.


Now, let's make your own space magical, shall we?