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Diepoldsau - The transformation of a “white box” into an inviting retreat for the whole family.

Our task in this project was to transform the open living-dining-kitchen area from an inconspicuous, rather cold area into a cozy retreat.

10 years after moving into your own home seems to be a magic number. So the time was ripe for these customers to finally design the already very attractive architecturally large living space for the family in the way they had always dreamed of. 

The dream also included a wallpaper at the dining table, which I even reluctantly advised against. Instead, we opted for a cohesive wall color scheme: a blue tone for the dining room wall, extending into the kitchen; a grayish-green tone for the living room; and a soft black-gray for the cubic fireplace that connects the rooms. Combined with beautiful wood tones, off-white, green, and a touch of black, a harmonious atmosphere was created.

The main point, however, was that the residents did not feel comfortable in the planned reading corner because they did not feel protected: in this case, a dream of modern architecture led to a design dilemma.


From the front door you could look down a beautiful hallway through a glass door to the other end of the house. There was simply no feeling of security. How did we solve this? We applied an adhesive textile in a matching color to the glass door and added a free-standing shelf to the living room wall.

This still allows views through and remains airy - but helps to better structure the individual living areas (living, dining, kitchen).

Wonderful success story

A message from the customer:


«...We are super happy! Even our middle daughter, who has always had something to complain about, came into the living room and said: "Wow, it looks really cool with the mirrors!" and she immediately has a new photo background for her snap photos...»


How wonderful!!

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