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Kriesenglück – The Malans Project

I was commissioned, together with the great building contractor René, to bring an apartment back to life after major water damage - and what a story of rebirth! 

My wonderful client was very bold and quick in her decisions - it was as if this renovation was meant to happen exactly when it did. As the saying goes: When everything comes together so beautifully, fate is involved. 

Is it possible to transform a difficult situation into an opportunity for change and renewal? That's exactly what one of my last clients did.

When life presents unexpected challenges, it is an opportunity for change. This is a story of “crisis happiness,” as the customer herself so elegantly put it.

In the midst of chaos, my client made bold decisions. From bold colors to bold wallpapers, we've redesigned every room.

Sometimes life stops the renovation clock. In the midst of personal loss and setbacks, we have patiently endured delays. Sometimes life just gets in the way and we understand that our customers need space in those moments.

During the renovation, a former huge bathroom with a yellow jacuzzi was converted into a quiet guest room (we even closed a former passageway into a small bathroom and the master bedroom and put a new door to the hallway). You wouldn't notice!

While the bedrooms, hallway and bathroom were brightly colored, we opted for a calmer color palette for the living room and dining area. 

The apartment has now been reclaimed and the home is a home again. The best compliment of all: the former customer became a good friend.

Crisis luck success story

In a LinkedIn post, Monika wrote:
«Christine Schumacher was my salvation in a time of water damage and difficult decisions. She not only became my interior designer, but also a friend whose empathy and skill enriched my life...»

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