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Hoch3 – A new built apartment in the middle of Zurich becomes a private refuge with a lot of personality for the tenant

Before this, my client led a fairly nomadic lifestyle and never really found time to settle down in one place. The new rental apartment “Hoch 3” was his chance to put down roots and buy furniture that would continue his story. He wanted a place to listen to music and retreat completely or to entertain guests.

​This project is special because a former customer recommended Localia Interiors to his work colleague and friend.

I would like to let interior photographer Angharad Elliott from “Haute’Xposure” speak… she described the project so beautifully

«Upon entering this photoshoot it was immediately clear that this is a man's home: the colors, the lines and that sense of depth...


Christine not only brought color to the new apartment in Zurich, but also a feeling of home. Colors, vintage rugs and a collection of eclectic accessories create a bespoke home.

The living area flows from the seating area to the dining area and then to the kitchen, which in turn leads to the second floor.

Each area is defined by a color. A deep dark blue is naturally calming; Accents in warm gold tones - the bar cart with its old siphon bottles and a casually laid bedspread - bring lightness into play to balance the woody brown of the leather chair and the fabulous rug. 

The dining and kitchen area is defined by the olive green kitchen cabinets. At the center of this room is a round dining table, which allows an easy transition to the stairs.

On the red wall leading upstairs, white vertical beams separate the kitchen from the stairs leading to the next floor. It seems like the strong lines of this apartment catch my attention as much as the light.    

At the beginning of the day, before I had even settled in, Christine and I walked through the apartment:


The morning light shone through the shutters, leaving their diagonal silhouette on the wall. These strong lines inspired me.


The master bedroom was otherwise simple in neutral colors, with a touch of green from a money tree.

A lot of light flows into the upper floor of the apartment through the atrium, a roof garden designed as an inner courtyard, on the second floor of this maisonette apartment.


The guest room has its own roof terrace.

Who needs a bath!! Working with a plant expert, the customer strategically placed plants and potted trees next to the mint green bench. There was even a place for a small apple tree!

As the light and day caught up with us, we sat downstairs at the dining table and drank a cup of tea and ate cookies. The perfect way to end a perfect and intense day.»

Thank you, Hari, for this description!

What's very nice: I was even invited to the housewarming party and was even happier that I could see the customer from 2020 again!