Full Interior Design Service

Just right for you if you want to lean back: The all-round carefree programme.

Leave all the transformation to Localia. Interiors.  

Perhaps it is only after the "Interior Consultation" or "E-Design" package that you become aware that you want more (the good thing is that these packages are credited as an advance). 

Full Service Interior Design includes:

After we have found together your wishes, requirements to the new space and style and have defined the total budget, I work out for you your very personal design in which you find yourself. 

I will then be happy to implement the project for you, coordinate craftsmen, buy with you / for you, style your home and realize your dream home with you. 

Check your perfect package right below.

Are you not sure whether this consultation is the right thing for you? I'm happy to help and can't wait to hear more about your project!

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How much does such a personal Interior Design cost? You decide!


No project is like the other.

Localia. Interiors. therefore offers an hourly rate and interior packages (for example a package of 10 hrs**). Gain from the reduced hourly rate you'll get with the package!).

We offer you an open and flexible pricing for your individual needs (and we keep an eye on your budget).

Prices include 30km approach, afterwards plus travel costs of 0.70 CHF / km.

* First consultation meeting: In case of subsequent booking of the packages, we will charge you the initial consultation as an advance payment.


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PACKAGES: Full Interior Design 

Package Prices in Swiss Francs

First Consultation Meeting*

CHF 150.00

2h consultation at your home

(* will be credited with booking of further packages)

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Interior Design PACKAGE**

CHF 650.00


(**10h should be used within 2 months after purchasing, CHF 65/h​)

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PACKAGE: 4 hours of Designing

CHF 340.00

4h à CHF 85/h

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Interior Design per hour

CHF 85.00

per additional hour of Designing

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Can't wait to hear more about your upcoming project. Ask me!