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Partner Story: ÉTAUDORÉ

Meet: ÉTAUDORÉ: Modern Artisan Pieces

We are thrilled to introduce a Swiss furniture brand that we absolutely adore—ÉTAUDORÉ.

Localia Interior's passion for unique, high-quality furnishings, craftsmanship, and exceptional design has led to a natural partnership with this extraordinary brand. At Localia Interiors, we share a deep connection with ÉTAUDORÉ, thanks to the similar values held by its founders, Anna & Wais, and our own background in the furniture industry. The designs, quality, and the range of colors and materials ÉTAUDORÉ offers are truly unparalleled. We can't wait to help you explore these exquisite pieces and we also have samples available for you to experience firsthand! Now, let's have Anna share her passion and introduce her brand, ÉTAUDORÉ, to you:

Anna, women in business, founder
Anna, Co-founder and managing director of ÉTAUDORÉ

"ÉTAUDORÉ, located on the Silver Coast of Lake Zürich, specializes in sourcing bespoke artisan furniture and designs from Poland, catering to discerning customers across Switzerland with seamless delivery services. Their curated collection features custom furniture made from premium solid oak and walnut wood, alongside powder-coated steel options in a variety of 40 vibrant colors, and luxurious bedding crafted from alpaca fiber. 

How it all started: The People Behind the Brand

ÉTAUDORÉ was launched in 2023 by Anna and her partner, Wais, with a simple mission: to offer beautiful, durable, handmade furniture and design at accessible prices. 

Schrankmöbel, Highoard, Sideboard
We love the rounded shape! One of the colorful steel models by ÉTAUDORÉ

Drawing from his expertise in the luxury industry, Wais played a pivotal role in shaping the business structure and model during ÉTAUDORÉ's inaugural year. From 2024 onwards, Anna assumed the helm, overseeing day-to-day operations, while Wais directed his focus towards his dynamic corporate career, providing guidance to ÉTAUDORÉ on financial and pricing matters behind the scenes.

Anna with a small range of the amazing colors of ÉTAUDORÉ's steel products

With a corporate background in data analytics, ÉTAUDORÉ allows Anna to channel her inner creativity and pursue her passion for exquisite interiors and artisanal treasures. Although she left Poland at 19 to explore the world, studying and working in Scotland and the US before settling in Switzerland over 8 years ago, her homeland always holds a special place in her heart. For Anna, ÉTAUDORÉ serves as a bridge, bringing handcrafted furniture and bespoke designs made to order in Poland to the place she now calls home: Switzerland.

Desk, Home Office
Design meets craftsmanship by ÉTAUDORÉ: Desk

Honoring Craftsmanship Through Sustainable Artisan Design

ÉTAUDORÉ takes pride in their commitment to supporting and preserving craftsmanship professions. They prioritize sustainable sourcing of materials and advocate for local and fair production practices. All furniture and alpaca bedding offered by ÉTAUDORÉ are meticulously made to order, with each design customizable upon request."

Photo credit for all photos of this Blog-Post: ÉTAUDORE

Here's how to connect with ÉTAUDORÉ

Instagram: Link And please let Anna know, that you found them through us! Of course we'd be super happy if we could include one of their beautiful products in your new interior concept!

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