Personal Interior's Consultation

 Get a taste of professional interior design. Let Localia. Interiors. inspire you and clarify your design questions about your home.

The perfect entry to the world of Interior Design

If you want a design guide at the first meeting, if you just want a fresh input without going all out, if you can't imagine how your room could look redesigned or if you just can't get to the heart of what's inconsistent in the interior, we offer a 2-hour interior styling consultation in your home. We clarify your design questions and you get fresh inspiration for your room. 

This can also be your entry into the world of interior design (personal interior consultation = interior design "for beginners").

This Service Package includes:

- 2 hours of personal meeting in your home or a video chat during which you can ask all your questions.

- After the meeting you will receive a summary of our conversation and decisions so that you can realize your dream home (moodboard, visualization, etc.).

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Are you not sure whether a personal consultation is the right thing for you? Ask me!


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Interior Consulting Package

Switzerland, Liechtenstein

CHF 300.00

incl. 30km approach & as video chat,

afterwards plus travel costs of 0.70 CHF / km

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EURO 250.00

incl. approach Stuttgart area & as video chat

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Interior Consulting Package

Stuttgart area


Interior Consulting

package prices in Swiss Francs and EUROS